Panel Upgrades

High-Tech Devices Can Overload Your Breaker Panel

We perform electrical panel upgrades in and around Kimball, Watkins & Eden Valley, MN

Replacing breakers, cleaning up the wiring and upgrading other parts of your electrical panel can help you power all your appliances and electronics safely. If you need to arrange for panel upgrade services, you've come to the right place. Starlight Electric serves clients in Kimball, Watkins, Eden Valley, MN and the surrounding area.

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Here's why you should upgrade your breaker panel

An overloaded electrical panel is more likely to catch fire than one that is designed to carry the load of all your devices. Performing an electrical panel upgrade can reduce your risk of electrical fires. It can also:

  • Prevent your circuits from tripping
  • Allow you to use multiple devices at once without issue
  • Let you install new lighting, appliances and other electrical features

Ultimately, performing a panel upgrade can make your home more modern and increase its resale value. Contact us today if you need to upgrade an electrical panel in Kimball, Watkins, Eden Valley, MN or a surrounding area.